👋Hi, my name is Marty de Jonge.

‘What you see is what you get’

‘If you really want to accomplish something, it can be done’.

That’s what describes me in short!

👉I’m a seasoned Agile professional with over 20 years of experience in various management positions in both the energy…

A thought-provoking view on how 3, in themselves excellent concepts, combined can produce an opposite result than you were looking for.

Original model like presented by Gartner
source Gartner — https://www.gartner.com

If you have been walking around in the world of Agile and Scrum for a while like me, you might have run into this Gartner (2016)diagram a few times before. At least I see it being used in presentations more and more often.

The diagram combines ideas from Design Thinking



When you think: ‘I am defeated’
Defeat is a fact.
If you think: “I will not falter”
in time you will win the battle.

If you think: ‘I can’t make it,’
the setback is imminent,
because the tipping of the scales
depends mainly on will.

The discouraged go down
By their…

Beyond Scrum

A cultural anthropological background for successfully guiding change in your organisation

caterpillar to butterfly transformation

Why would you read this article?

This article aims to offer you another way of looking at change processes as described in most management books. I hope it will make you think about the subject and help you to find an approach that best suits your situation. The article describes a way of thinking about ‘change’…


And weapons to kill them…. Enemy 9: Lack of diversity

In “ the 12 enemies of adaptability” series different angles that influence adaptability within organisations are discussed. All articles have this theme but can be read on their own.

One of the main reason for organisations to start a transformation is to (re)structure the organisation in order to improve their…

Marty de Jonge

✍ I am an authentic, caring and skilled Agile professional. Love to read and write about organisational- and team design. A “Serial Continuous Improver” 😃

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